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Craft’y List December 25, 2008

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First of all, Merry Christmas.

For keeping myself sane, I need a list of the crafted items I need to complete.

* Updated Jan. 25/09 * – New craft list posted Jan/25

My list of crafts to complete:

1. Heart Quilt as a wedding gift

2. Flower Skirt

3. 2 Summer Skirts

4. Outdoors Quilt – 45% Complete

5. Pig Potholder – 25% Complete

6. Cupcake house with bear

7. Postage Stamp Quilt – 1416 Squares counted

8.  Triangle Pot Holder

9. Felt Santa Stocking

10. Animal Cozies – Complete – Posted

11. Merry Moose – 75% Complete

12. 2x Rudolph Stuffed Animals

13. Christmas Bear – 50% complete

14. Felt food fridge magnets

15. Knit socks – 45% complete

16. Knit socks for myself

17. Log cabin style pillow cover

18. Amish quited pillow cover

19. Sachet –  Completed – Posted

20. Pin cushion

21. Mitten tree ornament – Complete – Posted

22. Fabric Fortune Cookies – Complete – Posted

23. Fabric Bucket – Complete – Posted

24. Fabric Headbands – 80% Complete

25. 2 ATC’s – Complete

26. 6 Bold Inchies – Complete

27. Quilted Stocking – 50% Complete

28. 6 Valentine ATC`s – Complete

29. Oven Mitt – Complete

30. 2 Placemats – Complete – Posted

31. Polymer Clay Buttons – Complete – Posted

32. 3 Cat Themed ATC’s – 2 Completed

33. Black Tree Skirt – Complete

34. 50 Inchies – 15 Completed 

35. Fabric Cup Cozy – 90% Complete

36. Valentine Fabric Cards – 75% Complete

I’ll continue updating the list as I complete things, or need to add more to the list. At the moment Im sure that Im missing alot of items that need to be completed.

Enjoy the holidays


Lets get stitching ATC Swap December 21, 2008

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I joined a new ATC swap on called ” Lets get stitching “. I had my choice of any sort of stitching for my 3 ATC’s to send. I chose to cross stitch my ATC’s and completed them within a few days. I ended up not choosing a theme for them, but going through patterns until I found ones that would work out nicely for the small 2.5″ x 3.5” cards.

Here is my completed cards, which I sent out last week, many weeks early.

Flowered Ribbon ATC

Flowered Ribbon ATC


Jingle Bell 08

Jingle Bell 08

Cute Cat

Cute Cat


Holiday Madness

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I had to take a few days off of crafting, with the holidays arriving much faster than I can imagine. I need to be back at work.

The christmas socks are still at 45% complete, so they will not be ready for christmas morning.

I took a trip to the local library and found a very beautiful book full of scrap busting crafts. If you would like to check out this book, I completely recommend buying or finding it at your local library.

Because I just took the book out for 2 weeks I have sat and copied each pattern I wanted out of the book. I love everything in the book so much that Ive added the following to my list of need to complete crafts.

New crafts I need to complete:

– fabric cupcake house with large bear

– small pig potholder – 25% complete

– triangle pot holder

– felt santa stocking

– animal cozies – 25% complete

There is much more in the book, but this is what I would like to start with.


Yo Yo Madness December 9, 2008

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After a couple of weeks of working on a 81 circle yo yo mat for a personal swap I have finally completed it. It turned into absolute hell working with invisible thread. I had never used invisible thread before this experience and I’m hoping to never have to use it again.
I was born without patience so this took me quite some time to complete due to getting frustrated with the thread.

Im extremely pleased to say that the 9 x9 circle mat is finished!

* jumps for joy*


a view up close of the circles

a view up close of the circlesfull view


General Update December 5, 2008

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Ive been working along with the christmas socks. Turns out that starting socks toe up is alot easier than I thought.  I am almost at working the heel, so we will see how that goes. Ive only knit two pairs of socks, and one was a spiral pattern that did not require a heel.

Christmas socks – 25% complete.

Working on the personal swap package for craftster, I started back at the yo yo mat. At this point Ive finally completed row two, out of nine. I have to say, for my first time working with invisable thread, my goodness it is time consuming and hard to work with!

Yo Yo Mat – 20% complete.


I have a terrible burst of cold sores and am starting to feel under the weather so my craftiness isnt working in as much progress as I had hoped.


Christmas Socks..Starting late December 4, 2008

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Starting a bit late, Im working on finding a pattern to knit a pair of socks as a christmas gift to my mother.

At the moment, Ive found this pattern that Im going to give a try this evening.

After starting and frogging two other patterns, lets *cross our fingers* I like this pattern!


As of 9:30pm, I am almost complete a toe, and so far this pattern is working for me.

The pattern asked that I magic cast on to start and I learned how to do so using this youtube video,