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Fabric Valentines January 30, 2009

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crafty_dame on sent me a beautiful homemade valentine card which actually helped me decide how to do my valentines this year. I decided to try sewing fabric and cardstock through my machine, which worked much better than I thought it would. I also tried winging hearts through as well, which also worked alot better than I thought. I ended up making two valentines to send out, one to crafty_dame and one to another lovely gal, plumcrafty.

Here they are without the stickers before I sent them out.




Amy Butler Cat

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I was just randomly searching around patterns online and came across a Amy Butler pattern  hadnt seen before. I decided to print it out as I knew my dearest friend Mecca would love him/her. I think it was the quickest pattern that I cut and finished.

The pattern called for cotton fabric, but I knew my bestest would love something softer, so I chose a new flannel that I picked up an hour away on sale for 3.00$ a meter. I already had the white flannel in my stash and thought it looked better than a print for the face.

Heres the result.



Him/Her is loaded into my bag of mail to send off tomorrow to his/her new owner.


Fabric Cup Cozy January 29, 2009

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I announced a few days ago that I had finally gotten around to making my first cup cozy. When I received my new fabrics from Lapoli on I saw one that completely stood out as a cup cozy for me.

I googled patterns until I found one that had the pattern for cups as well as soda cans. I havent tried the soda can cozy yet, but I will definatly try it out as well.

The pattern worked out super, and Ill definatly be making the people I know some for gifts.

Heres how it turned out.

Cup Cozy


Black tree skirt and updates January 28, 2009

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I may be completely behind but I finally finished sewing the binding on the black tree skirt for my mom.

Black Tree Skirt

Black Tree Skirt


Today I sat and cut the fabric for the following to sew:

1.Pouch to hang at the door with our scarves and mittens in it

2. Peices for 4 fabric coasters

3. flannel for a snuggly

4. flannel for a amy butler inspired cat pillow

5. Kitty huggy buddy

and then I also cut a friends curtains off to the length he needed and I need to hem them up.

I plan to get everything sewn up tomorrow afternoon. That will accomplish quite a few tasks.

Wish me luck!


My first oven mitt! January 27, 2009

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While checking out a fabricville over an hour away, which was having a closing out sale I found heat resistant fabric for 1.00$ a yard! I picked up a yard of it to try it out. Ive always wanted to make oven mitts and have had a pattern for them.

Using a super pretty patterned fabric, white as the inside, a layer of batting and a layer of heat resistant fabric Ive completed my very first oven mitt!

Oven Mitt

Oven Mitt


Crafty List – Jan 25/Feb 25 January 26, 2009

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Every month I am going to make my craft list. On december 25 I made a list of everything I need to make/am in the progress of making, and since then I have updated that list each time I work on something/finish something or need to add something else I need to complete.

From December 25 to January 25, I have completed 12 items off of the list.
Due to the holidays my crafting was very behind and I became pretty backed up on things. Now that the holidays are over, Im back to crafting on a daily basis.

Here is the new craft list for the next month:

* Updated Feb 24 *

Crafts to Complete:

1. Heart Quilt as a wedding gift

2. Flower Skirt

3. 2 Summer Skirts

4. Outdoors Quilt – 45% Complete

5. Pig Potholder – 25% Complete

6. Cupcake house with bear

7. Postage Stamp Quilt – 1479 Squares counted

8.  Triangle Pot Holder

9. Felt Santa Stocking

10. Merry Moose – 75% Complete

11. 2x Rudolph Stuffed Animals

12. Christmas Bear – 50% complete

13. Felt food fridge magnets

14. Knit socks – 45% complete – Frogged

15. Knit socks for myself

16. Log cabin style pillow cover

17. Amish quited pillow cover

18. Pin cushion

19. Fabric Headbands – Complete – Posted

20. Quilted Stocking – 50% Complete

21. 3 Cat Themed ATC’s – Complete

22. 9 Sets of Inchies – Complete

23. Fabric Cup Cozy – Complete – Posted

24. Valentine Fabric Cards – Complete – Posted

25. Coasters – Complete – Posted

26. Flower Ribbon Bookmark – Complete

27. Fabric Pouch to hold winter items – Complete

28. Amy Butler inspired pillow -Complete – Posted

29. Snuggly for Ragdoll cat – Complete

30. Brown Handspun – Complete – Posted

31. 2 Granny Washcloths

32. Mouse Cross Stitch Card – Complete – Posted

33. Knit Bonnet – 95% Complete

34. Felt Pouches

35. 3 Chunky Pages – Completed – Posted

36. Katamari Cross Stitch – Complete – Posted

37. Wedding Card

38. Crochet Smore – Complete – Posted

39. Quilted Squares Afghan – 2 squares complete

40. 14 Fabric Hair Curlers

41.V,W,X ATC’s

42. 3 Chunky Pages

43. 10 Inchies

44. Daisy Hair Elastic

Ill continue updating as I complete things, or need to add more. 

Quilted Placemats January 24, 2009

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For a personal swap suprise package on I saw quilted placemats in her wist that I wanted to try. The wisted item was the following:

My version of the placemat, is a little different, as I used fabric instead of felt, and did a different quilted design, as well as made it reversible instead of two colours on one side.

Heres my version of the placemats for her, showing each side.

Fabric Placemats

Fabric Placemats


Coming tomorrow: My first fabric cup cozy! It is all sewn, I just need to go out and buy a hot chocolate to measure where to put the button.

Also coming soon: My oven mitt! My first oven mitt is completely finished and ready to go.