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Animal Cozies January 9, 2009

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While going through the pattern book ” Scrap Savers Gift Stitchery ” I found an adorable pattern for felt animal cozies. Now the photo shows them being used for egg cozies, but theres any idea Im sure that someone could come across to use them for.

I traced the patterns, and kept them of course, as they were so easy to make Im sure there will be more in the future.

I decided to try making one of each, and chose matching felts to begin.

Im contemplating what to do with them now that they are complete.

Heres my finished project.

A mouse, rabbit, duckling and piglet.










2 Responses to “Animal Cozies”

  1. Katrina Says:

    OMgosh they are so cute! 😀

    How old are you? My niece made some of these not long ago from a kit she had. She is coming up 9 this month 🙂

    I love little crafts like this!

  2. stitchesandknits Says:

    Even though Im 20 I still love working with felt and doing small crafts, they always turn out cute and dont take much time 🙂 Craft kits are great.

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