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Lets get stitching..Part 2 January 10, 2009

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As I posted before about the “Lets get stitching” ATC swap on, Im here to post again about it.

The organizer for the swap graciously will be paying my return postage for the atcs I will be receiving. I wanted to stitch her an ATC as thanks.

I sat last night going through some cross stitch magazines and came across a lovely bird pattern.

Heres my result.




2 Responses to “Lets get stitching..Part 2”

  1. Katrina Says:

    :O Which magazine is this from? My niece would love them! I’m trying to get her into some simple cross stitching designs as she is really taking to it!

  2. stitchesandknits Says:

    They happen to all be coming from borrowed out of date cross stitching magazines. I cant get to the name of them at the moment, but Ill check after. I am scanning all the patterns and giving the books back, so if you’d like copies of the scans for her, I can definatly email them.

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