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African Quilt Squares..Done February 28, 2009

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Last year in the mail I received 60 pre-cut african fabric squares, to make a quilt. I cut out 60 tan fabric squares to go with it and havent gotten around to cutting the rest.

This evening I sat and cut out 60 more african themed fabric squares.

Heres the set of squares together:

African Themed Quilt Squares

African Themed Quilt Squares

There is 180 squares in total. Each square is 4×4 and hopefully I will get a chance to sew them together sometime soon.


Flat Footed Socks February 27, 2009

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While browsing through some magazines yesterday I found the new issue of fons and porter knitting. They had some really great knitting projects for this month, so I picked it up.

I loved the sock pattern they had available, called ” flat feet socks”. The last sock pattern I tried I ended up frogging it at an almost complete sock.

I decided to start the sock pattern last night, since I still owe  my mom a pair of socks as part of her christmas present.

Heres my progress so far:

Flat Footed Sock In Progress
Flat Footed Sock In Progress

Crafty List for February 25 – March 25 February 25, 2009

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It is that time again, when the monthly crafty list needs to be posted and updated.

I will definatly be having a busy month in crafts, as there is alot of things I need to complete.

From January 25 – February 25 I completed 15 crafts. Pretty good for the month!

This month my goal is to complete alot of things that are almost finished, hello alot of in progress’s sitting around.

* Updated March 24*

Here is this months crafty list:

1. Heart Quilt as a wedding gift

2. Flower Skirt

3. 2 Summer Skirts

4. Outdoors Quilt – 45% Complete

5. Pig Potholder – 25% Complete

6. Cupcake house with bear

7. Postage Stamp Quilt – 1820 Squares counted – 108 Squares Sewn

8.  Triangle Pot Holder

9. Felt Santa Stocking

10. Merry Moose – 75% Complete

11. 2x Rudolph Stuffed Animals

12. Christmas Bear – 50% complete

13. Felt food fridge magnets

14. Knit socks for myself

15. Log cabin style pillow cover

16. Amish quited pillow cover

17. Pin cushion

18. Quilted Stocking – 50% Complete

19. 2 Granny Washcloths

20. Knit Bonnet – Complete

21. Felt Pouches – Complete – Posted

22. Wedding Card

23. Quilted Squares Afghan – 3 squares complete

24. 14 Fabric Hair Curlers – Complete – Posted

25.V,W,X ATC’s – Complete

26. 3 Chunky Pages – Complete

27. 10 Inchies – Complete

28. Daisy Hair Elastic

29. Knit Socks – 20% Complete

30. Felt Food – Complete

31. Crochet Hot Dog – Complete – Posted

32. Square Bottomed Bucket – Complete

33. Sushi Finger Mitts – Complete – Posted

34. Sushi Pot Holder – Complete – Posted

35. Spinning Pink Wool – 50% Complete ( 153 yds of fingering weight )

36. Crochet Fortune Cookie – Complete

37. Sewn Cake – Complete

38. Spin 4.85oz of Sea coloured Rambouillet – 1 skein complete ( 68 yds )

39.  Tote Bag

40. 4 Chunky Pages

41. Crochet Cowl – 80% Complete

Ill continue updating as I complete things, or need to add more.


Started an afghan

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Since Ive been so addicted to trying to learn crochet, I wanted to start something that I could work on slowly that would help me practice getting better and better.

So, I came up with an afghan.

Going through my books, I found a nice pattern in my ” A rainbow of afghans ” book

Found here:

The pattern is called: Quilted Squares.

Hopefully I will be able to complete at least 5 squares a week, which will keep my crochet ok and help create the blanket.

Yesterday and today Ive relaxed on the couch before tidying up and completed a square.

Heres my two squares!

Afghan Squares

Afghan Squares


I did it! February 23, 2009

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Woo Hoo! I did it.

Yesterday afternoon I started the easy smore crochet pattern.
Found here:

I had to look up how to decrease when getting to the middle of the squished marshmellow, but I did learn how to do it.

I tied in all loose ends and completed the smore set this evening!

This is now my very first ever completed crochet pattern. I am excited to find another simple pattern to try next.

Heres my result:


Hungry for a smore? February 21, 2009

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Since trying out crochet yesterday and being able to crochet a circle. I wanted to try out a simple pattern.

I went to ravelry and searched easy crochet patterns and came to this:

I started working on it this afternoon, and have now finished both graham cracker peices, the chocolate for the center and am almost half complete the smushed marshmellow.

I am very suprised at myself and the fact that I am now starting to learn crochet and this pattern is turning out the way it is supposed to!

Heres my progress:

In Progress Smushed Marshmellow

In Progress Smushed Marshmellow

Graham Cracker and Chocolate

Graham Cracker and Chocolate


Learning Crochet

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Last year I asked for a instruction kit on how to crochet. I received a wonderful kit and was able to learn the stitches easily. Except once I learned the stitches I couldnt figure out how to turn them into anything but a solid square.

I gave up for quite some time, but have been meaning to learn.

This evening I chose to find the instruction kit and work on it yet again. I redid the stitches to make sure I remembered everything, and then found a section on how to turn it into a circle.

I think my circle is turning out ok, the stitches aren’t all that great, but at least it does look like something and I seem to be following ok.

Any suggestions of helpful hints on crochet would be wonderful!

Heres what I have worked on so far:

Circle Crochet

Circle Crochet