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Drop Spindle = Success! February 5, 2009

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 Over a year ago I received a drop spindle kit from I tried it out when I got it and became very frustrated at how much it hurt my hands. I put the spindle away until now and decided to give it another go, after seeing a bunch of photos a friend took in Peru with the women making handspun. 
I went to youtube and found this video which made everything sooo easy! Thank you Megan!!

After watching the video, I decided to give it a shot and brought out my spindle and 100% wool carding, and started going at it. After working for an hour I was amazed that it was turning out. Unfortunatly I needed sleep and put it away at that point.

This afternoon I had a craft get together at a friends and decided to take my spinning along. Well, this afternoon I realised how fast and easily you can get things done! Before I knew it I had 2 skeins done this afternoon.

When I got home I continued to spin while watching “Nick and Noras Infinate Playlist”, and before I knew it I had finished a third skein.

I have the 3 skeins wound and ready to set and then dry. I still have more carding left, which should make one more skein. Im going to wait and set all of the skeins at once, so Im hoping to finish the last skein tomorrow.

Here is a photo of three skeins drying after being set, they are about 25% dry now.

First try spinning

First try spinning





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