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Small Update February 7, 2009

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Last night I completely finished my craft supply room. It took me six hours last night but I finally finally finished it. Now absolutly everything is organized into catagories and in totes/baskets. I can walk right in and go to exactly what I need. All of my fabric is now out and on display on shelves, I found all my craft books, I have everything I need to complete in one storage box. Im on a roll.

Today I finished another 11 inchies for the inchie swap, this time I made needle felted ones. So I will have more sets to send out on monday. That will bring me down to 3 sets left. Or less, if Im able to complete more this weekend.

Tomorrow I desperatly need to finish my claim for the ongoing wish swap round 42 on I just need to complete the bookmark and coasters. Im sure I can finish it!

Today I also unrolled my drying handspun and rewrapped it onto long boards to tighten the loose sections and to let each strand get more air. I would say they are about 90% dry and I should be able to turn them into skeins tomorrow.

All’s well,


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