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My completions of the day.. February 8, 2009

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Today I just finished a few odds and ends of things.

The first thing I did this morning was turn my dry yarn into skeins. Here is my very first perfectly spun yarn, in total 110yds ( so far, I need to spin the rest of the brown )

Brown Wool

Brown Wool

 Next I finally completed the ribbon bookmark for my ongoing wish swap package ( no photo ), and I cut the fabric for the coasters which I need to sew tomorrow. Then my package will finally be completed.

I set up a personal swap for some fabric scraps for my postage stamp quilt, so I need to knit a hat and make a few felt pouches.

A few moments ago I finally finished organizing my embroidery thread, all nicely set on rings! Bout time!

Embroidery Colour Wheels

Embroidery Colour Wheels


2 Responses to “My completions of the day..”

  1. Jihyun Says:

    Ooh, those color wheel looks so pretty! I especially love the darker intense colors! Congrats on your first spun yard!

  2. stitchesandknits Says:

    They took quite awhile to get wound and set, but Im happy they are finally so organized. I had alot more colours than I thought! Thanks, Im extremely excited about the spinning, how addicting it is. I have a pink’ish red to spin when Im finished the brown.

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