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My first chunky page!! February 12, 2009

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I chose to organize the paper crafts swap on When the number of participants ended up being an odd number I decided to take myself out of partners and just partnered everyone else. A lovely woman asked me if I would like to personal swap with her for some paper goods. She was making chunky pages and asked if I was interested in making those.

I have been thinking about chunky pages for awhile and have been wanting to give them a try. So I agreed and started searching through some galleries.

After searching for a bit I ended up getting super ideas and went right to work at making her first page, before the inspiration left me.

I worked for a couple of hours and after trying something and it failing, but I came to a simpilar solution!

Here is my very first chunky page ( 4″ x 4″ ). I am super duper proud of this page! I am most certainly into making more chunky pages and just loved making this. I cannot wait to create more.

Blue Chunky Page

Blue Chunky Page

 The fish is wire I shaped into a fish form and wrapped in yarn ( Originally I was using thread and after an hour and not completing much, I decided to switch to yarn which worked great )

The background is striped paper, with silver stamp pad smeared across it and then swirls stamped above that.


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