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Finished Chunky Page Swap February 14, 2009

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This evening I looked through more chunky page galleries and came up with ideas to make two more pages. Since my partner and I agreed to make 3 chunky pages, these last two have finished off the set!

Wow, and I completed them in two days, pretty darn good.


Red Chunky

Red Chunky

Next I made a green’ish chunky:

Green Chunky

Green Chunky

The tree is another wire wrapped form I made and covered in yarn.

On more updated news:

The bonnet is now completely finished, I am just knitting the ears on it ( one is half complete ) and than I shall make the face and block it.

I also started working on the mouse cross stitch card this evening while watching domestic disturbance ( very good movie ), so at the moment you can see a mouse belly and half of the present he is holding.


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