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Learning Crochet February 21, 2009

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Last year I asked for a instruction kit on how to crochet. I received a wonderful kit and was able to learn the stitches easily. Except once I learned the stitches I couldnt figure out how to turn them into anything but a solid square.

I gave up for quite some time, but have been meaning to learn.

This evening I chose to find the instruction kit and work on it yet again. I redid the stitches to make sure I remembered everything, and then found a section on how to turn it into a circle.

I think my circle is turning out ok, the stitches aren’t all that great, but at least it does look like something and I seem to be following ok.

Any suggestions of helpful hints on crochet would be wonderful!

Heres what I have worked on so far:

Circle Crochet

Circle Crochet


2 Responses to “Learning Crochet”

  1. Jennie Says:

    This looks good, and I love the colour of the wool! Have you tried There are loads of free patterns there, ranging from very simple to extremely intricate. I’m ‘hooked’ at the moment (forgive the pun!) – it’s my second home!

  2. stitchesandknits Says:

    Yay! Im glad it looks good. Im noticing the farther Im going my stitches are looking more the same and smaller.
    I actually love ravelry! My account is TokyoKyotoxx
    I use it for my knitting at the moment and have tons of free patterns saved for knitting.
    I will have to go and search some easy crochet ones! Thank you for the idea!
    What is your ravelry name?

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