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Felt Food Eggs March 30, 2009

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When I claimed mommythemaid awhile back she had felt food in her wist and I loved the thought of felt food eggs. I drafted up a pattern for an egg and gave it a go. The first 1/2 dozen eggs turned out great so I put them up in my shop the swap. AQ claimed a 1/2 dozen to try out on her nephew so Im in the progress of making them for her.

Here is mommythemaid’s eggs:

Felt Eggs

Felt Eggs


Crochet Cowl March 26, 2009

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I claimed AQ in the ongoing wish swap to help me finish her personal swap package faster. She had a cowl in her wist that really sparked me. I went onto ravelry and found the following that looked very similar.

I went along with it and throughly enjoyed creating it, that I created a second.

Heres a photo of one of the finished cowls:

Crochet Cowl

Crochet Cowl

The cowl can be twisted and untwisted to vary how you wear it.

If you would like to purchase the second cowl, leave a comment and I can put it up for sale on my shop.


Crafty List for March 25 – April 25 March 25, 2009

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Time for the monthly list.

Last month my goal was to finish up a bunch of in progress items, but unfortunatly I didnt end up doing that. Instead I seemed to add on more project, oops!

Last month I was able to complete 14 crafts, which isnt to bad!

* Updated April 24*

Here is this months crafty list:

1. Heart Quilt as a wedding gift – Started – 2 Blocks Complete

2. Flower Skirt

3. 2 Summer Skirts

4. Outdoors Quilt – Complete – Posted

5. Pig Potholder – 25% Complete

6. Cupcake house with bear

7. Postage Stamp Quilt – 1820 Squares counted – 108 Squares Sewn

8.  Triangle Pot Holder

9. Felt Santa Stocking

10. Merry Moose – 75% Complete

11. 2x Rudolph Stuffed Animals

12. Christmas Bear – 50% complete

13. Felt food fridge magnets

14. Knit socks for myself

15. Log cabin style pillow cover

16. Amish quilted pillow cover

17. Pin cushion

18. Quilted Stocking – 50% Complete

19. 2 Granny Washcloths

22. Daisy Hair Elastic – Complete

20. Wedding Card – cross stitch Complete

21. Quilted Squares Afghan – 3 squares complete

24. Spinning Pink Wool – 75% Complete ( 153 yds of fingering weight )

23. Knit Socks – 20% Complete

25. Spin 4.85oz of Sea coloured Rambouillet – Complete

26.  Tote Bag – Complete

27. 4 Chunky Pages – Complete

28. sewhelpme postage stamp quilt – 2,304 squares – 32 Squares sewn

29. Amigurmi Bee

30. Shopping Bag – Complete – Posted

31. 3 Fabric ATCs – Complete – Posted

32. Fabric Coasters – Complete

33. Ply and dye large quantity of handspun – 284 yds Complete

34. Kitty Ear Hat – Complete

35. Totoro Ami – 35% Complete

36. Recipe Book – Complete

37. Catwarming Ball Set – Complete

38. Ramboulet spun and dyed – started

39. Handpsun/Handdyed for katara

Ill continue updating as I complete things, or need to add more.


Sushi Potholder March 24, 2009

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Originally I noticed in mommythemaids wist that she wanted a sushi potholder, so I set out to make it. Thats when I also decided to make the sushi finger mitts to match.

Im quite happy with the potholder, turned out just like her wist, and I will definatly be making more.

Sushi Pot Holder

Sushi Pot Holder


Yep, Ive lost my mind March 22, 2009

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Sometime last year I decided I wanted to make a postage stamp quilt. I thought collecting and cutting all of the squares would be pretty neat.


I finally decided recently that I would like to make the quilt four 1 foot blocks wide and long. Which ended up being 16 1 foot square blocks.

For me to make that, I counted and need 2304 squares, all 1.5 inches. At this time I have finally collect 3/4 of the squares and have 1820.

I decided since I have so many, I should now start sewing together the blocks.

Last night, I sat and took out all of my block piles, had a bit of a breakdown and then started sewing things together.

Im actually happy to say that it went alot better than I thought it would and Im actually happy with how it is turning out.

After about 4 hours of sewing last night, I have now completed 3/4 of a block ( 108  squares )

Here it is when I stopped sewing last night:

12x9 block

12x9 block

and the squares that are left:

Squares Left

Squares Left

I still have about 500 squares to collect


Dyeing Yarn March 21, 2009

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Since I recently had alot of rovings come to my collection ( thank you mail! ), and some were natural coloured I decided to start dyeing my yarn/roving.

I looked online for the instructions I had found before and found new instructions here:

I went ahead yesterday to try it out on a very small skein of laceweight yarn I had just finished spinning. I used fruit punch koolaid for the colour and here is the result:

Fruit Punch Laceweight
Fruit Punch Laceweight

This afternoon I decided to give dyeing the roving a go before spinning it. Using lemon lime packages ( 2 ), I went ahead and dyed roving. The result was quite nice and at the moment it is drying:

Lemon Lime Roving

Lemon Lime Roving


Felt Ice Cream March 20, 2009

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For my ongoing wish swap package to mommythemaid, I saw in her wish list some felt ice cream. I hadnt made anything of the sort before, so I of course wanted to make it for her..

I had to have Mark figure out the dimensions and the way the ice cream peices were to be cut, since they needed to turn into a circle. Atsuko on has made the ice cream I was looking at, and so I decided to base my ice cream by her design. Her design had a waffle cone, that could turn into a waffle bowl and then one of each colour ice cream.

Heres my felt ice cream:

Ice Cream Scoops

Ice Cream Scoops

Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone