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Sushi Finger Mitts March 15, 2009

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For the ongoing wish swap I claimed mommythemaid for a multitude of things. I mostly claimed her for felt food, which Ive been working on. I also wanted to make her a sushi pot holder based on her wists. I also noticed later she had sushi finger mitts wisted as well. I clicked on them and noticed they had a tutorial. I myself, bought a pair of finger mitts from a craft show a couple years ago and love them.

I decided to print out the pattern, since I bought the heat resistant fabric I have been very interested in making oven mitts and the like.

The pattern for the mitts, turned out great and the completed project I am extremely happy with. I will definatly making more of these!

Heres her suhi finger mitts:

Sushi Finger Mitts

Sushi Finger Mitts

Sushi Finger Mitts Backs

Sushi Finger Mitts Backs


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