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Hungry? I have a hot dog March 17, 2009

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While I had been going through easy crochet patterns to help me get the hang of this whole crochet thing, I came across a easy looking pattern to make a hot dog. Just so happens, that mommythemaid had hotdog on her list of pretend food when I claimed her in round 44 of the ongoing wish swap. This of course, gave me a super nice excuse to try out the hotdog pattern.

I went along and seemed to be able to do it without alot of problems, and I stuffed it to be hard.

Im still debating if I should chain a red and a yellow to make ketchup and mustard. I am sending to her tomorrow, so I think I will do that up to “complete” the look of it.

Heres how my hot dog turned out:

Crochet Hot Dog

Crochet Hot Dog

Here is the pattern I used:


One Response to “Hungry? I have a hot dog”

  1. Tara Says:

    That is awesome! I don’t crochet enough- maybe I will add this to my “to do” list… my niece would love it…

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