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Dyeing Yarn March 21, 2009

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Since I recently had alot of rovings come to my collection ( thank you mail! ), and some were natural coloured I decided to start dyeing my yarn/roving.

I looked online for the instructions I had found before and found new instructions here:

I went ahead yesterday to try it out on a very small skein of laceweight yarn I had just finished spinning. I used fruit punch koolaid for the colour and here is the result:

Fruit Punch Laceweight
Fruit Punch Laceweight

This afternoon I decided to give dyeing the roving a go before spinning it. Using lemon lime packages ( 2 ), I went ahead and dyed roving. The result was quite nice and at the moment it is drying:

Lemon Lime Roving

Lemon Lime Roving


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