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Yep, Ive lost my mind March 22, 2009

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Sometime last year I decided I wanted to make a postage stamp quilt. I thought collecting and cutting all of the squares would be pretty neat.


I finally decided recently that I would like to make the quilt four 1 foot blocks wide and long. Which ended up being 16 1 foot square blocks.

For me to make that, I counted and need 2304 squares, all 1.5 inches. At this time I have finally collect 3/4 of the squares and have 1820.

I decided since I have so many, I should now start sewing together the blocks.

Last night, I sat and took out all of my block piles, had a bit of a breakdown and then started sewing things together.

Im actually happy to say that it went alot better than I thought it would and Im actually happy with how it is turning out.

After about 4 hours of sewing last night, I have now completed 3/4 of a block ( 108  squares )

Here it is when I stopped sewing last night:

12x9 block

12x9 block

and the squares that are left:

Squares Left

Squares Left

I still have about 500 squares to collect


One Response to “Yep, Ive lost my mind”

  1. MommytheMAid Says:

    Oh wow! I started collecting a while ago, so I am in the same boat. LOL

    BTW, I am sending sammich baggies for you. I was going to get them to the PO today but ran out of Velcro. Maybe it was a sign so that I would check your blog and send you a few squares 😀 It won’t get you to the 500 you need, but every couple helps right?

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