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April 25 – May 25 Crafty List April 25, 2009

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I cant beleive its that time of the month to make my new crafty list. This month went by so fast and I didnt accomplish near as much as I had hoped, though I did finish one project that had been on the list for quite some time, and started another.

This month I completed only 11 things. So, alot of last months list will be traveling to this month. I should knock a bunch off this new list though, Im going to put alot of effort into it!

* Updated May 25*

Here is this months crafty list:

1. Heart Quilt as a wedding gift – Started – 8 Blocks Complete

2. Flower Skirt

3. 2 Summer Skirts

4. Pig Potholder – 25% Complete

5. Cupcake house with bear

6. Postage Stamp Quilt – 1820 Squares counted – 108 Squares Sewn

7.  Triangle Pot Holder

8. Felt Santa Stocking

9. Merry Moose – 75% Complete

10. 2x Rudolph Stuffed Animals

11. Christmas Bear – 50% complete

12. Felt food fridge magnets

13. Knit socks for myself

15. Amish quilted pillow cover

16. Pin cushion

17. Quilted Stocking – 50% Complete

18. 2 Granny Washcloths

20. Quilted Squares Afghan – 3 squares complete

21. Spinning Pink Wool – 75% Complete ( 153 yds of fingering weight )

22. Knit Socks – 20% Complete

24. Ply and dye large quantity of handspun – 618 yds Complete

25. Crochet 4 Totoro Ami’s – Complete #1 – Started #2

26. Ramboulet spun and dyed – working on

27. Handpsun/Handdyed for katara

28. Log cabin style pillow cover

29. Wedding Card – cross stitch Complete

30. sewhelpme postage stamp quilt – 2,304 squares – 32 Squares sewn

31. Felt Goodies ( 2 trees, and a shamrock ) – Complete

32. 2 Crochet Pot Holders – Complete – Posted

33. Crochet Lion – 45% Complete

34. 3 Cross stitch ATC’s – 2 half complete

35. Set of 3 bunny nuggets –  Complete

36. Crochet Breakfast – Complete

37. 24 Fabric Covered Buttons – Complete

38. Button Magnets – Complete

39. Needle Felted Eggs – Complete

40. Rainbow Scarf – Complete

41. Tree of life pendants – Complete – Posted

42. Crochet Octopus – Complete

43. 6 Chunky Pages – Complete


I am a weaver April 23, 2009

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Since I joined the walker house group, I have aquired a new crafting device. The organization has 4 looms and were donated another by a local hospital. I mentioned I was interested they offered me a loom. Of course I took it, and went and picked it up on monday afternoon.

The loom is a 4 heddle leclerc canadian brand, and portable. The loom came with a beautiful bench, and a yarn winder, and bag of goodies.

I spent an hour on monday night re-threading some of it, and then 6 hours on tuesday afternoon. By 9pm on tuesday night it was ready to start.

I weaved for a little and then removed it to inspect how I did.

Since then, Mark has taken over weaving and now has over 4 feet of a table runner complete.

I am just now updating my blog, as our internet provider was bought out and they are changing everything, so internet has been iffy lately.



Marks Weaving

Marks Weaving


Latest Yarn April 19, 2009

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Even though Ive been busy, I tried to fit in as much crafty goodness as possible.

This week I was able to finish spinning some yarn.

First off, I finished spinning the sea green rambouillet

Sea Green Rambouillet

Sea Green Rambouillet

Im thinking of turning it into a felted bowl…must find patterns.

Then I started plying the huge huge amount of lace weight yarn into light fingering weight. So far, I have plyed up 165 yds, and dyed it using raspberry lemon koolaid.



I have plyed another 87 yds but have not dyed it yet. I will wait for more to be plyed first. 

On a lovely note, I had a nice box of roving arrive late this week. My red/black/white mill end roving from shop the swap. Such a gorgous roving, I cant wait to spin it.

Mill End

Mill End

First though, I need to spin some rambouillet for A2K, which Ive already started and dye it the rasp/lemon. Then I also need to spin for katara, who is kind enough to send me some fabric from where she lives in south africa.


so very very busy.. April 17, 2009

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Well, I slacked pretty bad online this week. Ops!

I recently joined a place that holds groups and meetings. They do crafts, excersize, dinners, movies, games etc. Each day there is about 5 different events at all times of the day. I went on tuesday to the 10am tea to meet everyone and then stayed for the 1pm crafts. I met alot of lovely ladies ( I am the youngest member all other members are 40 or over ) and knitted with them. I went to the 7pm quilting last night and met and chatted with a crazy bunch of elderly ladies. Oh what fun it was! I took the wedding quilt for mecca to start quilting it and got about a block finished while I was there. Of course I was running late and looked like a crazy person ironing everything and pinning it and running late.

They are very friendly there and even gave me one of the donation looms. I am leaving it there and a 88 year old woman is going to teach me how to use it on craft tuesdays until I understand it all and then I will be taking it home. Shes a frisky lady who has been with the place in 85 and gave me homework of reading 3 chapters of the ” weaving bible ” to read before I go back to crafts.

Ive also been knitting away at the kitty ear hat that sheepblue asked me to knit for her sisters birthday. I am just starting to decrease at the top.

Mark has been busy the last little while building me a spinning wheel in the garage, in which he completed this week! The first night he brought it in and taught me how to use it I plyed 87 yds of wool.

Things slowed down, so I can finally get back to my regular routine. ( and blogging haha )

Heres pics of the spinning wheel ( withg out the pedal as he was waiting for the hardware to reopen so he could reattach it )






Outdoors Quilt April 10, 2009

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Many months ago AQ and I did a bunch of swapping,  and I started an outdoors quilt that incorperated alot of her and her husbands likes.

I took quite a few breaks from it and finally got back to it recently, when I claimed her for a couple other things in other swaps. Which gave me the pressure to get everything out together.

I hand quilted around parts of the image, and then sewed the backing on, and then binded it with the backing fabric.

It is just a small quilt, best for the wall or top of a chair/couch.

Hope she likes it!

Outdoors Quilt

Outdoors Quilt


Shopping Bag April 8, 2009

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In a recent better homes and gardens quilting magazine I bought. Which is the ” pillows, bags and pincushions of 09″ issue, I came across a really great shopping bag tute.

While I was sewing a tote bag ( from the same magazine ) for musiclady, I thought Id cut the fabric for a shopping bag at the same time and do them together.

The bag went along super smoothly and I will definatly be making many more of these, I love the stripe at the top.

Ive been using the bag since the day I finished it for taking projects out and for going to the post office etc.

The weather has been awful since making it so I wasnt able to get that nice of a photo.

Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag


Fabric ATCs April 5, 2009

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I joined up for craftydames fabric atc swap, since Id never made any fabric atc’s. As soon as partners came out and I found out their likes, I got great ideas and started working on them right away.

The same afternoon, all 3 cards were done! Two wanted nature themes, and one sea life.

The flowered ATC turned out to be my favourite and the sea life card was the first time Id used my vinyl!

Flowered ATC

Flowered ATC

Tree ATC

Tree ATC

Fish ATC

Fish ATC