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Shopping Bag April 8, 2009

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In a recent better homes and gardens quilting magazine I bought. Which is the ” pillows, bags and pincushions of 09″ issue, I came across a really great shopping bag tute.

While I was sewing a tote bag ( from the same magazine ) for musiclady, I thought Id cut the fabric for a shopping bag at the same time and do them together.

The bag went along super smoothly and I will definatly be making many more of these, I love the stripe at the top.

Ive been using the bag since the day I finished it for taking projects out and for going to the post office etc.

The weather has been awful since making it so I wasnt able to get that nice of a photo.

Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag


One Response to “Shopping Bag”

  1. MommytheMAid Says:

    I love the fabrics you used!

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