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so very very busy.. April 17, 2009

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Well, I slacked pretty bad online this week. Ops!

I recently joined a place that holds groups and meetings. They do crafts, excersize, dinners, movies, games etc. Each day there is about 5 different events at all times of the day. I went on tuesday to the 10am tea to meet everyone and then stayed for the 1pm crafts. I met alot of lovely ladies ( I am the youngest member all other members are 40 or over ) and knitted with them. I went to the 7pm quilting last night and met and chatted with a crazy bunch of elderly ladies. Oh what fun it was! I took the wedding quilt for mecca to start quilting it and got about a block finished while I was there. Of course I was running late and looked like a crazy person ironing everything and pinning it and running late.

They are very friendly there and even gave me one of the donation looms. I am leaving it there and a 88 year old woman is going to teach me how to use it on craft tuesdays until I understand it all and then I will be taking it home. Shes a frisky lady who has been with the place in 85 and gave me homework of reading 3 chapters of the ” weaving bible ” to read before I go back to crafts.

Ive also been knitting away at the kitty ear hat that sheepblue asked me to knit for her sisters birthday. I am just starting to decrease at the top.

Mark has been busy the last little while building me a spinning wheel in the garage, in which he completed this week! The first night he brought it in and taught me how to use it I plyed 87 yds of wool.

Things slowed down, so I can finally get back to my regular routine. ( and blogging haha )

Heres pics of the spinning wheel ( withg out the pedal as he was waiting for the hardware to reopen so he could reattach it )






One Response to “so very very busy..”

  1. MommytheMAid Says:

    I am so jealous that you have a wheel!! That it so awesome. And the group you joined sounds amazing. We don’t have cool things like that here unless you find an itty bitty town church somewhere, and it’s still not that cool. 😀

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