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Stitch n Bitch Kitty Ear Hat May 5, 2009

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sheepblue messaged me last month, asking me if I could craft for her sisters birthday. I was very happy to help and asked what she would like me to make. One of the items she asked was for a kitty ear hat in kelly green.

I went through many patterns and finally settled on the kitty ear hat from the stitch n bitch book.

Ive tried it on and took pics and am very happy with how it looks in kelly green!

Kitty Ear Hat
Kitty Ear Hat



2 Responses to “Stitch n Bitch Kitty Ear Hat”

  1. Mecca Says:

    I love it in green! Lovely job

    I still have mine <333

  2. MommytheMAid Says:

    Very cute!! A friend made one for me and some for my girls a few years ago. I love it and want another one. Kelly green is jus too awesome for this hat!

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