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Totoro May 14, 2009

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sheepBlue spoke to me about crafting for her sisters birthday as I mentioned in the kitty hat post. The other item she thought her sister would enjoy would be a crocheted totoro.

I have never crocheted an amigurumi but have been dying to, so after I looked at the pattern and realised that ” heck, I can do this! ” I told her, I would go for it.

After creating this guy, which I had soo much fun making, I offered to others on craftster if they wanted one, which 2 people agreed they would love one.

I also thought it would be in much interest to crochet my bestest mecca one, the japanese lover.

I didnt take a picture of him completely finished, he is missing his mouth and chest arrows etc, but heres a picture I took of him a few days before I shipped it out.




2 Responses to “Totoro”

  1. Mecca Says:

    HOLY MACARONI he is so adorable!!!!!

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