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Hackle June 28, 2009

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I was directed to a link on craftster about a homemade hackle to make your own roving batts. I thought the idea was absolutly fantastic and set out to buy the supplies needed.

Mark built it for me a bit ago and I took the pound of mill ends ( red, black and a bit of white mohair ) that I received in the shop the swap, and got to work on trying it out.

I just loooove the result, its a very very addicting thing to do.

Heres my hackle, with some of the mill ends on it.

Hackle and Mill ends

Hackle and Mill ends


June 25 – July 25 List June 26, 2009

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 Alrighty, time for a new list!

* Updated July 19 *

1. Heart Quilt as a wedding gift – Started – 9 Blocks Complete

2. Flower Skirt

3. 2 Summer Skirts

4. Pig Potholder – 25% Complete

5. Cupcake house with bear

6. Postage Stamp Quilt – 1820 Squares counted – 108 Squares Sewn

7.  Triangle Pot Holder

8. Felt Santa Stocking

9. Merry Moose – 75% Complete

10. 2x Rudolph Stuffed Animals

11. Christmas Bear – 50% complete

12. Felt food fridge magnets

13. Knit socks for myself – 50 % complete

14. Amish quilted pillow cover

15. Pin cushion

16. Quilted Stocking – 50% Complete

17. 2 Granny Washcloths

18. Spinning Pink Wool – 75% Complete ( 153 yds of fingering weight )

19. Knit Socks – 20% Complete

20. Crochet 4 Totoro Ami’s – Complete 3,

21. Handpsun/Handdyed for katara – Complete

22. Log cabin style pillow cover

23. Wedding Card – Complete

24. sewhelpme postage stamp quilt – 2,304 squares – 32 Squares sewn

25. Crochet Lion – 95% Complete

26. 3 Cross stitch ATC’s – 3 half complete

27. Spin blue rambouillet – Complete

28. Wash and card UCV roving – washed

29. Wash and card unknown gray fleece



Update June 21, 2009

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Hello fellow blog followers,

I have been extremely quiet the last while so I thought it was time to update on my life and reasons for such sort and distant blogging.

Last month my mom was called for surgury, but the medication they gave her beforehand blocked her bowels and they had to cancel surgury. She was admitted with the blockage anyways for a week, so I spent the week traveling back and forth to Kingston.

She was home for a little over a week before her next surgury date. I sent her up the day before and her surgury went well. She was in the hospital for another week, and was then sent home after she showed signs of her bowels working.

She was home with me taking care of her for a week before I sent her to a different hospital due to infection. She was in that hospital for another week, where they reopened her wound to remove the infection, said she had it from the other hospital and then sent her home a few days ago doing really well.

So, to make a long story short, she is good and eating, her surgury worked but Ive been taking care of her non stop and will be for the next 5 weeks.

Ive been trying to craft as often as I get the chance, so I will have scattered blog posts until she is healed, and then things will go back to normal for me.

My mother in law is due here in 2 weeks, to stay for 2 weeks. My birthday is in a few weeks and the summer heat is here. Its a busy time in eastern ontario 🙂


Blue Totoro

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penguino asked me to crochet a blue totoro for the shop the swap. I found a very pretty blue yarn to use and enjoyed making him.

I shipped him off a bit ago and he should be arriving anyday.

I only have 1 totoro left to send out, heres her blue one.

Blue Totoro

Blue Totoro


Upper Canada Village News June 9, 2009

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* runs around all excited *

I went to upper canada village yesterday morning for the sheep sheering, and when I arrived he was just getting one of the girls out to sheer her. He asked if anyone wanted to give it a go. I think I may have lit up like a lightbulb and ran faster than he could say ok. But, haha, I got to cut some of the fleece off and then I held her and cuddled her while he finished her up. We took about an hour or more making sure she was nice and even and no poo left etc.

I went to get pics of the sheering, but since I was the one holding her and doing it I couldnt get any, but I did get pics of her when she was finished and of the other sheep.

There was a woman there for an agriculture paper who was taking alot of pics and asking him a bunch of questions and asked me a bunch of questions and then got my name so Im going to be in the paper about it Smiley


One of the ladies there who was spinning to show people what the fleece turned in to bagged me up some of her fleece so I could clean and card it! * dances around * I also took home the section I cut off.

I also ended up with a different type of wool that the woman was spinning and told me to try and last week when I went and talked to the mill guy he gave me some jacobs wool from another farm that he carded and wasnt for sale. Ive already spun it.

Sheered Sheep

Sheered Sheep


Handspun and dyed June 5, 2009

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I know Ive been MIA, real life has gotten away on me.

I spent two nights this week for hours dying in my new large dying pot and must share what Ive completed.

The first I have called “spring” and is my favourite handspun yet, I spent a very very long time spinning and plying this and the way the colours turned out just makes me soo happy!



Next is a colour choice dear Mark picked out and I just love how rich it turned out, unfortunatly I havent thought of a name for it yet.