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Upper Canada Village News June 9, 2009

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* runs around all excited *

I went to upper canada village yesterday morning for the sheep sheering, and when I arrived he was just getting one of the girls out to sheer her. He asked if anyone wanted to give it a go. I think I may have lit up like a lightbulb and ran faster than he could say ok. But, haha, I got to cut some of the fleece off and then I held her and cuddled her while he finished her up. We took about an hour or more making sure she was nice and even and no poo left etc.

I went to get pics of the sheering, but since I was the one holding her and doing it I couldnt get any, but I did get pics of her when she was finished and of the other sheep.

There was a woman there for an agriculture paper who was taking alot of pics and asking him a bunch of questions and asked me a bunch of questions and then got my name so Im going to be in the paper about it Smiley


One of the ladies there who was spinning to show people what the fleece turned in to bagged me up some of her fleece so I could clean and card it! * dances around * I also took home the section I cut off.

I also ended up with a different type of wool that the woman was spinning and told me to try and last week when I went and talked to the mill guy he gave me some jacobs wool from another farm that he carded and wasnt for sale. Ive already spun it.

Sheered Sheep

Sheered Sheep


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