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Update June 21, 2009

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Hello fellow blog followers,

I have been extremely quiet the last while so I thought it was time to update on my life and reasons for such sort and distant blogging.

Last month my mom was called for surgury, but the medication they gave her beforehand blocked her bowels and they had to cancel surgury. She was admitted with the blockage anyways for a week, so I spent the week traveling back and forth to Kingston.

She was home for a little over a week before her next surgury date. I sent her up the day before and her surgury went well. She was in the hospital for another week, and was then sent home after she showed signs of her bowels working.

She was home with me taking care of her for a week before I sent her to a different hospital due to infection. She was in that hospital for another week, where they reopened her wound to remove the infection, said she had it from the other hospital and then sent her home a few days ago doing really well.

So, to make a long story short, she is good and eating, her surgury worked but Ive been taking care of her non stop and will be for the next 5 weeks.

Ive been trying to craft as often as I get the chance, so I will have scattered blog posts until she is healed, and then things will go back to normal for me.

My mother in law is due here in 2 weeks, to stay for 2 weeks. My birthday is in a few weeks and the summer heat is here. Its a busy time in eastern ontario 🙂


One Response to “Update”

  1. MommytheMAid Says:

    You and your mom are in my thoughts.

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