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Blue Totoro June 21, 2009

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penguino asked me to crochet a blue totoro for the shop the swap. I found a very pretty blue yarn to use and enjoyed making him.

I shipped him off a bit ago and he should be arriving anyday.

I only have 1 totoro left to send out, heres her blue one.

Blue Totoro

Blue Totoro


Working on ears February 21, 2009

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I am continually working  on the bonnet for pinupmommy. I started knitting again this evening, working on the left ear. The ear is now over half complete and I will shortly be working on the embroidery of the face.

Im hoping to get this in the mail early next week.

Heres my continued progress.

Bonnet Ear
Bonnet Ear

Katamari Cross Stitch February 19, 2009

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Well first off, Im been MIA for a few days. Ive come down with a lovely flu and have been living on the couch trying to recouperate. In that time, I havent been able to do much crafting.

I was slowly working on a cross stitch though.

I came across this katmari pattern on a anime cross stitching website, saved and printed it.

A dear wonderful friend of mine talked to me years ago about her boyfriend ( now fiance ) and how much this katamari meant to the both of them. She has wanted me to knit her one, and for the life of me I have not been able to find him in a knitting pattern. When I came across this, I thought it would do until I learn to crochet and can crochet him for them.

I finally finished him this evening, and here is the result:



I am going to make her a wedding card, and he is going to be added to that. I will of course post it when it is completed.

Can you tell Ive been in a cross stitching mood?

Now…On to complete the bonnet…


Bonnet in progress.. February 15, 2009

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I mentioned last week that I had started knitting a bonnet for pinupmommy on as part of a personal swap. I’ve been knitting away at the new pattern and so far it has come along lovely.

The pattern I am using is:

So far I have completed the bonnet, and one ear. I just need to start and finish the other ear and make a face.

Heres my progress:

Bonnet In Progress

Bonnet In Progress


Bonnet February 10, 2009

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For a personal swap on I agreed to knit a bonnet for pinupmommy. She wanted it to fit either herself or her daughter. This is the hat she chose which seemed pretty simple. I havent knit a hat before but have been planning to.

I went to to look for how to start using the figure 8 pattern. I found this great video and started knitting.

So far this evening I just completed row #4, and hopefully I will get alot farther tomorrow, when I plan to take a bit of a break to do some knitting.