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Blue Totoro June 21, 2009

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penguino asked me to crochet a blue totoro for the shop the swap. I found a very pretty blue yarn to use and enjoyed making him.

I shipped him off a bit ago and he should be arriving anyday.

I only have 1 totoro left to send out, heres her blue one.

Blue Totoro

Blue Totoro


Totoro May 14, 2009

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sheepBlue spoke to me about crafting for her sisters birthday as I mentioned in the kitty hat post. The other item she thought her sister would enjoy would be a crocheted totoro.

I have never crocheted an amigurumi but have been dying to, so after I looked at the pattern and realised that ” heck, I can do this! ” I told her, I would go for it.

After creating this guy, which I had soo much fun making, I offered to others on craftster if they wanted one, which 2 people agreed they would love one.

I also thought it would be in much interest to crochet my bestest mecca one, the japanese lover.

I didnt take a picture of him completely finished, he is missing his mouth and chest arrows etc, but heres a picture I took of him a few days before I shipped it out.




Hildes Pot Holders May 12, 2009

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When I claimed A2K in the ongoing wish swap, and noticed she wanted pot holders I got to work deciding on what kind of pot holders I wanted to make for her. I ended up choosing crochet and found a very nice, simple pattern on ravelry.

The pattern was called ” Hildes Pot Holders ” and can be found here:—hot-pads

I chose a natural cotton and heres how they turned out – 1 hexagon, and 1 circle

Pot Holders

Pot Holders


Stitch n Bitch Kitty Ear Hat May 5, 2009

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sheepblue messaged me last month, asking me if I could craft for her sisters birthday. I was very happy to help and asked what she would like me to make. One of the items she asked was for a kitty ear hat in kelly green.

I went through many patterns and finally settled on the kitty ear hat from the stitch n bitch book.

Ive tried it on and took pics and am very happy with how it looks in kelly green!

Kitty Ear Hat
Kitty Ear Hat



Tree of life pendants May 3, 2009

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Ive been interested in the tree of life pendants that have been circling around, and happened to come across some of the wire circles at the finch craft supply store yesterday. ( Marys craft supplies )

I really wanted to give it a go, so tonight I sat down with them, wire and chip beads.

I also claimed A2K for a pendant when I claimed her in the OWS, as I knew it would really give me an excuse to go for it.

I am super happy with how they turned out and they were a heck of alot easier than I thought they would be. I am definatly going to make more, in more colours.

Heres A2K’s, and the extra ( in my shop the swap )

Tree of Life 2

Tree of Life 2

Tree of Life

Tree of Life


Chunky Pages May 1, 2009

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For the chunky pages swap round 2, I needed to make 4 new chunky pages. My partners all had completely different themes: colourful, zetti, vintage and steampunk. Mark decided he wanted to take on the steampunk page and spent many hours completing it for calluna.

Heres the 3 pages I completed:

Zetti Page

Zetti Page

Vintage Page

Vintage Page

Colourful Page

Colourful Page


April 25 – May 25 Crafty List April 25, 2009

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I cant beleive its that time of the month to make my new crafty list. This month went by so fast and I didnt accomplish near as much as I had hoped, though I did finish one project that had been on the list for quite some time, and started another.

This month I completed only 11 things. So, alot of last months list will be traveling to this month. I should knock a bunch off this new list though, Im going to put alot of effort into it!

* Updated May 25*

Here is this months crafty list:

1. Heart Quilt as a wedding gift – Started – 8 Blocks Complete

2. Flower Skirt

3. 2 Summer Skirts

4. Pig Potholder – 25% Complete

5. Cupcake house with bear

6. Postage Stamp Quilt – 1820 Squares counted – 108 Squares Sewn

7.  Triangle Pot Holder

8. Felt Santa Stocking

9. Merry Moose – 75% Complete

10. 2x Rudolph Stuffed Animals

11. Christmas Bear – 50% complete

12. Felt food fridge magnets

13. Knit socks for myself

15. Amish quilted pillow cover

16. Pin cushion

17. Quilted Stocking – 50% Complete

18. 2 Granny Washcloths

20. Quilted Squares Afghan – 3 squares complete

21. Spinning Pink Wool – 75% Complete ( 153 yds of fingering weight )

22. Knit Socks – 20% Complete

24. Ply and dye large quantity of handspun – 618 yds Complete

25. Crochet 4 Totoro Ami’s – Complete #1 – Started #2

26. Ramboulet spun and dyed – working on

27. Handpsun/Handdyed for katara

28. Log cabin style pillow cover

29. Wedding Card – cross stitch Complete

30. sewhelpme postage stamp quilt – 2,304 squares – 32 Squares sewn

31. Felt Goodies ( 2 trees, and a shamrock ) – Complete

32. 2 Crochet Pot Holders – Complete – Posted

33. Crochet Lion – 45% Complete

34. 3 Cross stitch ATC’s – 2 half complete

35. Set of 3 bunny nuggets –  Complete

36. Crochet Breakfast – Complete

37. 24 Fabric Covered Buttons – Complete

38. Button Magnets – Complete

39. Needle Felted Eggs – Complete

40. Rainbow Scarf – Complete

41. Tree of life pendants – Complete – Posted

42. Crochet Octopus – Complete

43. 6 Chunky Pages – Complete